Fund Programs

Monthly financial aid programs

It is a program through which regular monthly funds are provided to be paid to the vulnerable households, the amount of which ranges between (50-200) dinars per month per family, where the amount of the monthly fund and the period of granting it are determined according to the category and number of family members who are entitled to the aid, according to their economic and social conditions, the Fund currently provides monthly financial aid to 16 main categories divided into two main parts:

Recurring financial aid program

A program in which recurring aid is granted to groups such as; Families of orphans, vulnerable women and their family, those with permanent disability and their family, the elderly, divorced women and families caring for the handicapped.

Temporary Financial Aid Program

A program in which temporary aid is granted to groups in temporary circumstances such as; The families of the financially disabled, their families, the families of special personal status, the people with temporary total disability, their families, the families of prisoners and those coming out of prison, their families, the families of the absentees and the missing, alternative families, and humanitarian cases. .

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