About the Fund

About the Fund

The National Aid Fund (NAF) was established in 1986 under the Law No. 36 of 1986 with the aim of securing protection and care for poor and needy families, raising their standard of living by providing monthly and emergency financial aid and supporting them to develop the skills and capabilities of its members who are able to work in preparation for their integration into the labor and productive market.

  • Its mission is conducted in order not only to secure the basic needs of the vulnerable families, but also to support them into becoming productive individuals, by offering vocational training and employment programs and physical rehabilitation for children of needy families.
  • The Fund's management is supervised by a board of directors consisting of 13 (thirteen) members representing various governmental, voluntary and private agencies in the Kingdom and is headed by the Minister of Social Development. The executive management of the Fund’s activities is supervised by a General Manager.
  • The General Administration of the Fund oversees the provision of all services provided by the Fund through 42 (forty-two) branches located in various cities in the governorates and provinces of the Kingdom and through 16 branch offices spread in the countryside and in the Jordanian Badia regions.
  • In order to answer to the needs of its beneficiaries, NAF created the first mobile rapid response center in the Arab region, equipped with the latest electronic devices and directly linked for best efficiency to the Fund’s main database. This center delivers services to the citizens living in remote areas and can be mobilized during emergency situations such as natural disasters.
  • Around 500 employees work at NAF to the benefit of the vulnerable households.

Our vision

.To be a global expert house that applies the best social protection systems aimed to face poverty

Our Mission

Managing social protection programs dedicated to the less fortunate households, to serve them efficiently and creatively, through outstanding institutional performance in the implementation of programs for granting recurrent and emergency financial aid of all kinds, in accordance with international best practices.

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