What is the Takaful 1?

It is one of the programs of the National Aid Fund, which is a program to help poor Jordanian families meet their basic needs by providing financial support. 

What is the Takaful 3?

The supplementary support program targets heads  who work for a daily wage , or who depend on their daily income from   projects that are still affected by the measures taken to confront the crisis of the spread of the Corona epidemic. It includes. Jordanians, married and Jordanian non-Jordanians 

How long will the program be continued?

The duration of the support will be a full year. Supplementary support for the Takaful program will be disbursed -1 once every 3 months, while the support is disbursed for Takaful -3 for six months. In the first phase every two months, a payment will be transferred.

What is the website that I can register through?

www.naf.gov.jo or takaful.naf.gov.jo

Where and when can I complain if I am not included?

Grievance will be:
Takaful 3 Program from 1/3/2021 to 3/31/2021

Takaful 1 Program from 01/04/2021 to 30/04/2021

My admin data in the registration form is not updated?

 Please submit to the complaints link and provide more details in this regard or call the phone number of the National Call Center: (06 500 80 80)

Will I need any document to do the registration?

 No documents are needed

Head of HH with disability, Can I register?

If you meet the eligibility requirements for this program, of course you can apply

I received an SMS and when I went back to reply, the message delivery kept failing?

  You have to reply back to the messages within 24 hours. Don’t worry, the message will be sent to you. Please insert the ID of the head of the household

The phone number received the SMS is not mine, what should I do?

please call this number for number to get the support(0791268888

What is the E-wallet?

It is an electronic financial account using a mobile application to transfer and receive money, pay bills, savings, e-shopping and other financial uses. The wallet number is a number the mobile phone on which the wallet is opened.

How I can use an E-wallet?

To see how to use the wallet, click on the following link that contains an  demo wallet:, https://xd.adobe.com/view/6e272f1f-74d1-4f56-72df-c9419bb3f606-1816/?fbclid=IwAR2RKkP8F5TsG_HMre1qLbOVdU3btlnR_cLjHB6kOyCBb1s0Zg6i20DGP0A&fullscreen

I cannot open an E-wallet, what should I do?

You can follow the following steps: Choose the mobile payment service provider that you would like to open an electronic wallet with, Fill out all of your required information on the form. Photocopy your identification document and upload it to your application. Click Submit application after ensuring that the information provided is correct.
 Zain Cash - https://promo.zaincash.jo.zain.com:90/zcregister/

Mahfazati - https://mahfazatireg.umniah.com/

Dinarak - https://endpoint.dinarak.com/RegisterCustomer/RegisterCustomer/  

Orange Money - https://www.orange.jo/ar/orangemoney/pages/default.aspx

Aya - https://aya.jo/

Nationalwallet -  https://nationalwallet.jo/?lang=ar

Gadha - https://gatetopay.com/gadha

How many E-wallets I can have?

You can open up to two mobile wallets per ID at most, provided that each mobile wallet is linked only to one mobile number

I have opened an E-wallet, how can I be sure if it is working?

You can check  your E-wallet status through the following link: https://uai.jopacc.com/JoPACC-GW/Search

Can I cancel/close my E-wallet and open a new one?

Yes, you can close your wallet by visiting any your PSP agent  , but first you need to Cash Out the wallet balance and then to fill out the termination form

Will I have to pay any fee to open an E-wallet, is there any additional transaction fees ?

 There are simple commissions depending on the financial movements that may vary from one service provider to another. To find out about commissions on financial transactions, visit the website of mobile payment providers

Do I need a bank account to open the E-wallet?

The E-wallet is not linked to a bank account and can be opened when one of the payment services via the seven mobile phones operating in the Kingdom: Zain Cash, Dinark, Orange Money, Mahfazti, Aya , National Wallet,Gadha.

How can I inquire about my application status for Takaful Programs?

The inquires door will be opened to inquire about the status of the request in terms of acceptance or rejection through the same site https://Takaful.naf.gov.jo, after the end of the specified period for submitting the applications

I am notified about the benefits, when will I receive my money?

If you're part of the eligible families, you'll be contacted regarding the payment amount and timing

How do I know that I am entitled ?

 Text messages will be sent to the eligible families asking  them to open an electronic wallet through any service provider using a link attached to the same message 

Where I can cash out my benefits?

you can receive the service from the following :
1.Your PSP shops 
2..Your PSP authorized Points of Sale
3 .Your PSP Money partners  for more Infor 
4.through Bank account

Is it safe to keep my money in the E-wallet?

It is absolutely safe to keep your money in your E-wallet. In addition the central bank of Jordan keeps records of all transactions to prevent any fraud, If you suspect that someone has identified your ID, change your password immediately through PSP online application or contact your PSP customer service center

Do I need a smartphone to open an E-wallet ?

All types of mobile devices support by the PSPs. All you need is just an active mobile phone number

What should I do if I lost my phone or my SIM card?

This will not affect the amount of the payment. If you have a Sim card, you can contact your agent and withdraw as usual, If you don’t have a simcard then contact your carrier to replace it(with keeping the same number) and then you'll receive the payment as usual.

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