Fund Programs

Emergency Financial Aid Programs

They are cash funds paid to individuals or families who are going through emergency or exceptional circumstances that make them in need of assistance, and this program does not have a permanent or persistent characteristic, and it is divided into several parts, including:

Regular Emergency Financial Aid Program: They are cash funds, with a maximum of 350 dinars, to be paid to individuals or families going through specific emergency or exceptional circumstances, such as; The death of the head of the household or a member of vulnerable families, the tribal jalwa (to displace the perpetrator’s family), and the family’s transfer from their permanent residence to another place, etc.

Instant Financial Aid Program: It is a simple funds that is disbursed immediately to the vulnerable households who seek the service, as its sums are disbursed in an urgent manner by the fund offices in the field in order to meet the immediate needs of the families, the maximum of which reaches 150 dinars.

Financial Aid Program to Relief Families Afflicted by Natural Disasters: Where urgent aid is provided to the afflicted families to be secured with a suitable shelter during the period of their affliction, when the maximum value of this aid reaches 500 dinars.

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